Future features

This page offers a small peak to the features that are implemented/have some sort of implementation in svn but are not in the main release yet.

Separate media player widget for background music associated with diary entries (Known as day specific playlist in previus versions)

The new mediaplayer widget is highlighted in the screenshot shown below. This widget is only shown when there is some background music set for the date (by adding files to day specific playlist). Other times this widget is hidden, giving some more space for text editor. This mediaplayer no longer supports videos (if you add one you can hear the sound but there's no picture).

Other changes you may notice in the user interface are

First is just to get the 2 different playlists be more distinguished from each other. Later is to make more room for more important things that might get added later. If you still want to get the fullscreen mode it can be found under "Menu".

Embed videos to your entries

Adding videos to entries just like pictures in the earlier versions. Adding the video will insert mediaplayer widget that you can use to play the video within the text. (see screenshot below)

Click the screenshot to get a bigger picture.
Video can be added by right clicking within the text editor and choocing "Add Video" from the menu that pops up. The button for adding pictures has been moved to this menu as well.